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In order to list your site in CosmicIndex, you must comply to the following critera. Inclusion will only be granted if your website meets ALL of the rules. Please read them carefully before submitting, as refunds cannot be given.

1. Your homepage must be at least PR 1. (If your site is PR 5 or below, it is worth taking a look at CosmicMarketing which provides tips to increase your PR dramatically.)
2. Only submit sites to the relevant category. Failure to do so will delay your link from appearing in CosmicIndex.
3. Only submit sites that are in English or have an English version readily available.
4. Do not submit your site if it is under construction. Wait until it is finished!
5. Do not submit sites that contain offensive material such as racist comments, hat sites etc. Adult sites can be submited but they must be selected as adult sites, not as family sites.
6. Do not submit sites with pop-ups.
7. Do not submit mirror sites. i.e. sites with different URLs but the same content.

In order to submit your site, please go to the category that you wish your site to be included in. Click on the 'List Your Site' link at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions.

There are three different choices you have when you submit.
1. Basic Submit. This costs $1. We have had to introduce this minimal charge for standard submission to prevent the huge number of spam and automated submissions that we currently receuve.
2. Standard Submit. Again, this costs only $1. Provided that you provide CosmicIndex with a recirpocal link, your site will be placed higher in the category listings than sites that opted for the basic submit.
3. Premium Submit. As an introductory offer, this currently costs a one off fee of just $30. For this your website will be listed at the top of the category.

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